Making it easier: a health literacy action plan 2017-2025

Making it Easier sets out an action plan for improving health literacy in Scotland.


The case for action on health literacy is set out in Making it Easy – A Health Literacy Action Plan for Scotland [1] , published in 2014. It set out the ambition for Scotland to be a health-literate society that enables all of us to have the confidence, knowledge, understanding and skills to maintain good health.

The actions in that plan explored:

  • how the hidden problem of low health literacy impacts on our ability to access, understand and engage with our health and social care system,
  • how low health literacy leads to poor health outcomes,
  • how everyone involved in health and social care should see improving health literacy as a way to reduce health inequalities, and
  • how with joint action the Scottish Government and partners can help the integrated health and care workforce realise this ambition.

Progress was summarised in a report published [2] in July 2017. It is upon this learning, and its testing in the demonstrator programme in NHS Tayside, that this practice guidance has been built. The actions set out are designed to take the next steps in improving health literacy practice across the health and care system.

To explore the detail that led to the development of Making it Easy and Making it Easier, please visit The Health Literacy Place at


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