Local level Brexit vulnerabilities in Scotland: Brexit Vulnerabilities Index (BVI)

This research identifies areas of Scotland that are expected to be most vulnerable to the consequences of Brexit, and what drives those risks to support local authorities and other organisations in understanding local risks around EU exit.

Annex 3 List of Acronyms

Acronym Meaning
BVI Brexit Vulnerabilities Index
CAP Common Agricultural Policy
EC European Commission
EEA European Economic Area
ESF European Structural Fund
ESOF European Social Fund
EU European Union
ERDF European Regional Development Fund
EY Ernst and Young accountants
GDP Gross Domestic Product
GVA Gross Value Added
LA Local Authority
NiNo National Insurance Number
NOMIS (BRES) National Labour market statistics information Business Register and Employment Survey
SIMD Scottish Index of Multiple Deprivation
WTO World Trade Organisation


Email: ruralstatistics@gov.scot

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