Transitions to adulthood for disabled young people: literature review - easy read

Easy read version of the literature review, commissioned by the Scottish Government, of existing research and evidence on disabled young people’s experiences of transitions to adulthood.

Good Practice

The research found that good transitions involve:

  • Early and ongoing planning
  • Well organised all-round support
  • Organisations working together
  • A keyworker who gives ongoing support
  • Person-centred support and planning
  • Family being involved in planning and decision-making
  • Parents and carers being involved throughout the transition process
  • Information which is clear and understandable
  • Enough services, resources and staff

Common Challenges

The research found that challenges to transitions include:

  • Stress and uncertainty for the young person
  • Difficulties moving from child to adult services
  • Changes in eligibility for services, and support arrangements
  • A sharp drop in support
  • Not enough planning or clear information about transitions
  • Disabled young people not being listened to about their views, needs and hopes
  • Stress and difficulties faced by family members about the transition process.



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