Transitions to adulthood for disabled young people: literature review - easy read

Easy read version of the literature review, commissioned by the Scottish Government, of existing research and evidence on disabled young people’s experiences of transitions to adulthood.


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When young people develop from children to young adults this is often called the transition to adulthood. It is a growing up process which takes place over many years and involves many different changes.

In 2021 Scottish Ministers promised to write a National Transition to Adulthood Strategy. This will be a plan that will help to improve support to disabled young people as they move into adult life.

We know that transitions and planning for disabled young people who need support could be better. The Scottish Government wanted to find out more about disabled young people's experiences of transitions to help inform the Strategy.

In February 2022, a literature review was completed by researchers in the Diffley Partnership. We asked them to find out what had already been written about the experiences of disabled young people during their transition to adulthood.

The research looked at Scottish, UK, and international evidence.



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