All Learners in Scotland Matter - national discussion on education: summary report

A summary of the final report of the National Discussion on Education.

5. Next Steps

5.1 As we have highlighted, this is a summary report that highlights the Vision, Values and Call to Action that, as independent facilitators of the National Discussion in Scotland, we were asked to produce.

5.2 We heard many concerns about whether the National Discussion would lead to genuine action. We also heard an overwhelming appetite for change (albeit the “right change”) and people who were enthusiastic about wanting to be involved in making this a reality. Indeed, the scale of engagement in, and responses to, the National Discussion is unprecedented.

5.3 We are not proposing that an avalanche of changes is imposed on the education system but rather that the National Discussion is viewed as a mandate for desired change that informs short-term, medium-term, and long-term actions. Change for change’s sake serves no-one and inevitably generates instability and confusion within the system. We are very aware that the education system and the professionals working in it are stretched with current demands and resource constraints. Hence, we are proposing that the pace of change needs to be realistic for quality implementation. Changes cannot be frenetic but change also cannot be invisible or non-existent. It is important to put

in place carefully sequenced and adequately resourced improvements with time for consolidation. There is a need to sustain and build on what is working well in the Scottish education system, as well as moving ahead with overdue and urgent changes that are needed and planning for longer-term future changes.

5.4 The people of Scotland have spoken, and we have listened. It is now it is time for ongoing dialogue and concrete action to realise the vision that All Learners in Scotland Matter.

5.5 We ask Scottish Government and COSLA to consider this summary report and the final report in ways that will help to take the Scottish education system forward. Given the scale of engagement with the National Discussion, there are high expectations within the education sector and publicly about the next steps. We will be watching with great interest and hoping that the changes that unfold across the Scottish system will ensure, both now and in the future, that ‘All Learners in Scotland Matter’.



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