All Learners in Scotland Matter - national discussion on education: easy read

An easy read version of the summary report of the National Discussion on Education.

A Call to Action

We have come up with a Call to Action based on the strongest messages that came from from the National Discussion.

Educating Our Future will need a Scottish education system that works well. It will support the rights of all children and young people. It will offer quality teaching and learning that suits the different needs of each learner. It will help them reach their goals and meet the needs of a changing world.

All learners should have access to the same learning opportunities and experiences. They should have choices based on their interests, needs, development, and ambitions.

The experience of education and support staff is needed to give high-quality learning.

Long-term funding is needed to give staff the resources to reach our goals. This is very important for children and young people who have Additional Support Needs (ASN).

We need to learn and understand more about different people and places. This needs to happen in the whole education system. It must be safe and inclusive. It must help us have respectful relationships and tackle discrimination, harassment, bullying, and violence.

We need to learn about and support mental, emotional, and physical health. And support healthy relationships. This will help schools to be safe learning spaces.

Education staff should be recognised and rewarded for the important work they do. They should have career opportunities. They should have professional learning to support high standards.

There should be a regular review of school courses to make sure they meet changing learner needs. They must be taught in the same way so that learning experiences do not change from school to school.

A future education system should make best use of the abilities, skills, and talents of all children and young people in Scotland. It should break down inequalities. It should offer a wider set of testing and qualification option. It should reward the achievements of all learners.

Better digital skills and technology are needed in Scottish education. We need this to meet the needs of all learners in a future digital world.

We need to listen to children and young people's views and put their needs at the centre. This means involving parents and carers, families, and communities. Education staff can lead the way by using expertise and judgement to make the right decisions and actions.



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