All Learners in Scotland Matter - national discussion on education: easy read

An easy read version of the summary report of the National Discussion on Education.

All Learners in Scotland Matter - Visions and Values

The main message that came from the National Discussion is: All Learners in Scotland Matter. This message led us to the vision, values, and Call to Action.

Vision for the Future of Scottish Education

Children and young people are at the heart of education. The education system has partnerships that include learners, the people who work in the system, parents, and carers.

All learners are supported in inclusive environments. They are safe, welcoming, caring, and tackle any barriers to learning. Education in Scotland works with all learners to help them be all they can be.

Each child and young person in Scotland has high-quality learning experiences. These will respect their rights, who they are and the communities they live in.

Each child and young person gets great teaching, and support. They enjoy learning. It builds their confidence and helps them to be successful. They can be a full part of their life, work, and world. They know how much they matter.

Guiding Values

Ambitious – The Scottish education system will have high expectations for all learners. It will enable every child and young person to develop and become all they want to be.

Inclusive – The Scottish education system will value, respect and represent the differences of all children and young people. Everyone will have the same kind of experiences and opportunities.

Supportive – The Scottish education system will involve every child, young person, and adult in the right way. Education will give all the supports needed for all to do well in life and be all they can be.



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