Post-school education, research and skills - interim purpose and principles: discussion guide - easy read

Easy read version of the discussion guide to support feedback on the framework for building an excellent post-school education, research and skills ecosystem for Scotland.

Principle 5 – Transparent, Resilient and Trusted

The system is well managed, resilient financially and environmentally and trusted to do its work properly.

Question 5.1

What do you think Transparent, Resilient and Trusted means? Do you agree that it should be one of the principles for the post school education, research and skills development system?

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Question 5.2

How can we measure how well we are doing and make sure the information about what the system should do is clear and accessible to everyone?

How can we make sure that the system is easy for people to use and help them to make the right decisions about their post school education and training?

How can we make sure money is spent on the education system in ways that will help to tackle challenges such as child poverty, and be good for the environment?

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