Post-school education, research and skills - interim purpose and principles: discussion guide - easy read

Easy read version of the discussion guide to support feedback on the framework for building an excellent post-school education, research and skills ecosystem for Scotland.

Principle 3 – Globally Respected

Research, teaching and knowledge exchange done in Scotland must be impactful and good for Global wellbeing. It must address 21st century challenges such as Climate Change and pandemics and encourage people to study, live and work in Scotland.

Question 3.1

What do you think Globally Respected means? Do you agree that it should be one of the principles for the post school education, research and skills development system or how else could it be phrased?

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Question 3.2

How can we make sure that Scotland's research, education and skills are respected around the world? How do you think this can benefit the people of Scotland and keep us connected with other countries?

What are examples of the best ways to keep international connections for education and research? How can we attract people from other countries to come and study, live and work in Scotland? How could we keep the attractiveness of the system for international staff and students given the UKs exit from the EU?

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