Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-22 to 2025-26: programme pipeline update - March 2023

This pipeline provides information relating to key major infrastructure programmes with an investment of £20 million or more included at Annex D of our Infrastructure Investment Plan, published in February 2021.

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Sector: Water

Programme name: Scottish Water Investment Programme

Programme description: For each regulatory period, Scottish Water is directed by Ministers to deliver improvements to customer service, drinking water and environment. During period 2021-27, focus will be on maintaining high quality customer service, replacing aging infrastructure and making progress towards achieving net-zero emissions by 2040.

Estimated total investment: £4.5 billion.

How is programme being funded: Scottish Water's investment programme is financed from charges from customers and borrowing from the Scottish Government.

Programme delivery timetable: Scottish Water will invest up to £4.5 billion during the period 2021-27.

Latest programme progress: Progress is reported on by the Delivery Assurance Group which produces quarterly reports which are published on the Scottish Government website at Water industry: Delivery Assurance Group.

Progress as shown in report for Quarter 3 2022-23, shows that delivery continued to be impacted by the changing construction market conditions, increasing timescales and costs to deliver investment. Despite these challenges, Scottish Water had delivered £673 million of investment by the end of December 2022. Scottish Water estimates it will deliver up to £880 million of investment by year-end.

Scottish Water continues to review the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and changes to construction market on its investment programme.

Contribution to economic development: Scottish Water is planning up to £4.5 billion of critical investment to 2027 supporting over 5,000 jobs directly in the civil engineering, construction and design sectors. This is approximately 20% of the market in these sectors in Scotland.

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