Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment: consultation - supplementary analysis

Supplementary report that should be read alongside the analysis of phase three consultation responses undertaken by Progressive Partnership.

8. Qualifications and assessment system

Q6: What changes to existing practice, if any, would you recommend to support the development of a new qualifications and assessment system?

The main analysis of responses found that the significant changes being proposed would require an emphasis on professional learning. Respondents were also keen to stress the time that would be required for teachers to develop the skills/tools/resources they would need to meets the needs of the proposals. This was also the case for the group of respondents in this analysis, including time for development and training, as well as time to roll out the new system.

"Significant time for development of any new materials, collegiate learning and understanding must be given as teachers are under significant pressure and cannot be pushed to breaking point by a new system being introduced without full consultation and training to ensure best practice across all schools. A significant amount of time to slowly roll this out piece by piece (perhaps over 10 years ?)."

"Time will need to be made to ensure that adequate training will need to take place for staff and funding to ensure quality resourcing. There will need to be understanding standards training. Appropriate phasing will need to take place."

"There needs to be more time to develop new approaches and more recognition of the time that effective pedagogy and resources takes to develop."



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