Independent Review of Qualifications and Assessment: consultation - supplementary analysis

Supplementary report that should be read alongside the analysis of phase three consultation responses undertaken by Progressive Partnership.

7. Change in culture

Compared to the main analysis, respondents in this tranche appeared to be more likely to talk about the changes in culture that are required to effect change. This included views on what this new culture would look like.

"Move away from the comparison of educational establishments and the value of people being through solely exam results. Move towards the success of education in being ensuring all pupils progress in all areas to the best of their ability and potential."

"Emphasis on the importance of development in all three aspects with all stakeholders, with no one area taking precedence over another."

"Stop using the term "wider" achievement if you are genuinely going to see the learning journey from the perspective of the learner, not solely the institutes that deliver our education system."

School respondents offered examples of the changes in culture that would be required for teachers, which included teachers to be trusted in the system and to be active participants in developing the proposals.

"Genuine trust for teachers and establishments in making judgements / providing evidence, with soft-touch accountability / justification to ensure accuracy."

"Teachers and young people also need to be active participants in making this work in practice and it cannot be thrust upon people. The means of the consultation thus far show a willingness for this to be the case."

Respondents recognised that in order for the proposals to work in practice, work would need to be undertaken to ensure that FE/HE institutions and employers understand and value the approach.

"There will not just need to be work done to support this in schools but I think it is going to need considerable PR in wider society among employers - they need to understand the system in order to value it - if it is to fulfil its vision and become a "highly regarded qualification and assessment system".

"Most definitely the mindset of further and higher educational establishments as they very much dictate what learners do in the Senior Phase."



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