Independent Review of Adult Disability Payment: consultation

The Chair of the Independent Review of Adult Disability Payment is consulting on people's views about the first year of delivery. This will be used to help inform recommendations to ensure that Adult Disability Payment meets the needs of disabled people.

Section 12 – Other considerations

Question 21

Are there any other changes you think the Scottish Government could make to Adult Disability Payment?

Please provide detail about:

  • Why you think changes are necessary
  • What changes you would suggest
  • Could there be any unintended consequences.

Please consider what specific changes other than changes to the rules you think would be required. Please refer to Section 4 and 7 of the consultation paper, which outlines the changes the Scottish Government has already made to the application and decision-making processes.

(a) If you proposed changes, what positive impacts could these have, and for who?

(b) If you proposed changes, how would you prioritise these?

Please consider:

  • The importance of individual changes to you
  • Which changes you think could be implemented more easily.



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