Tayside Breast Cancer Independent Advisory Group: final report

The report on how best to implement changes to breast cancer management in NHS Tayside.


30. A summary of all recommendations appears as Table 1 below.

31. The Group applauds the work already in hand in the NCA to ensure consistency around the development of cancer CMGs (in particular SACT protocols), and believe that it bodes well for a national, "Once for Scotland" approach to cancer service delivery. The Group believes that the 19 recommendations outlined above, if adopted, will ensure a more consistent approach to cancer patient management across the country, to the benefit not only of patients, but also clinicians and other staff. The Group hopes that others will support implementation of this report's recommendations, with the result that patients and families have confidence that a repeat of the NHS Tayside situation can be avoided in the future, across the entirety of NHS Scotland.


Email: marianne.barker@gov.scot

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