Tayside Breast Cancer Independent Advisory Group: final report

The report on how best to implement changes to breast cancer management in NHS Tayside.

Annex A

Independent Advisory Group (NHS Tayside Breast cancer)


To carefully consider the individual recommendations made in the Healthcare Improvement Scotland report " Clinical Management of Breast Cancer in NHS Tayside" and the "Clinical Risk Assessment" of that report produced by the Immediate Review Group. To advise the Chief Medical Officer on how these recommendations can be implemented to ensure safe and effective delivery of cancer medicines in the North Cancer Alliance (NCA – previously known as NoSCAN). The group will aim to produce this advice to CMO in June 2019.

Terms of Reference

The CMO has commissioned Professor Aileen Keel CBE, Director of Innovative Healthcare Delivery Programme and Chair of the Scottish Cancer Taskforce to independently consider the findings of both the HIS report "Clinical Management of Breast Cancer in NHS Tayside published on 1 April 2019 and the Clinical Risk Assessment of the Healthcare Improvement Scotland Report "Clinical Management of Breast Cancer in NHS Tayside" published by the CMO/CPO appointed Immediate Review Group on 16 April 2019.


This independent group will advise the CMO on the implementation of the recommendations in the HIS report and Clinical Risk Assessment. The group will make further recommendations aimed at rebuilding relationships and maintaining public confidence in the safe and effective delivery of cancer medicines in the North Cancer Alliance and consider whether responsibilities need clarification, with a particular focus on:

  • Current cancer medicines governance processes in the NCA, including the development of Cancer Management Guidelines (CMGs), and the processes for achieving clinical consensus in this context across the network.
  • Escalation procedures when consensus is not achieved.
  • Consideration of how effective and meaningful executive engagement from constituent boards within the NCA can be developed and maintained
  • Any further actions that need to be taken in relation to the wider operations of the NCA, to ensure full engagement of its constituent Boards, as well as consideration of how best to incorporate the views of patients into its work.

In undertaking this work the Chair will meet with affected patients to consider the impact on them. Where appropriate the Group will seek external advice, expertise or evidence on specific matters.


Email: marianne.barker@gov.scot

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