Impact Evaluation of the Community Right to Buy - Research Finding

Summary evaluation of the impact of Community Right To Buy legislation on communities in rural Scotland from 2004 to 2014.

Extent and Variance in Positive Outcomes

Positive outcomes were identified from early stages of the process, such as motivation to participate in the process and an increased sense of empowerment as a result of participation.

Positive outcomes were most apparent among members of community bodies and those that were directly involved in the CRtB process. The extent to which positive outcomes have been experienced by the wider community has been mixed.

Outcomes specifically related to land and land assets, such as increased community involvement in decisions about land use, were confined to those cases where a purchase had occurred.

In certain cases where assets had not been acquired, there was a decrease in levels of motivation as a result of attempted purchases being unsuccessful.

The scale of the asset does not necessarily dictate the range of outcomes delivered, with a wide range of outcomes occurring in cases where the asset concerned is small in scale and limited in terms of income generating potential.

In general, the outcomes identified concur with many of the wider outcomes of community asset acquisition identified in previous studies


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