Impact Evaluation of the Community Right to Buy - Research Finding

Summary evaluation of the impact of Community Right To Buy legislation on communities in rural Scotland from 2004 to 2014.


The impact evaluation involved a mixed-method approach. The first stage consisted of a desk-based review of relevant documentation, interviews with stakeholders, and the development of a logic model.

An online survey was then carried out with community bodies involved at each stage of the CRtB process. Responses were received from 65 community bodies, from a sample of 186 (response rate of 37% after adjusting for 29 non-contacts). Following the survey, 16 case studies were selected for more in-depth, qualitative research. Case studies were selected to include a broad spectrum of communities involved at each stage of the process.

The impact evaluation has been structured using a logic model approach which shows the planned inputs and activities that are intended to lead to short, medium and, ultimately, long term outcomes. The logic model is shown on page 5 of this document.


Email: Graeme Beale

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