Impact of diversity of ownership scale on social, economic and environmental outcomes

Report on the impact of diversity of ownership on the socioeconomic outcomes for rural areas.

List of Acronyms

CAP Common Agricultural Policy

CDB Congested Districts Board

ESA Environmentally Sensitive Area

EU European Union

FIT Feed In Tariff

GIS Geographical Information System

JAC June Agricultural Census

LCA Land Capability for Agriculture

LCS Land Cover Scotland

LFA Less Favoured Area

LFASS Less Favoured Area Support Scheme

LRPG Land Reform Policy Group

LRRG Land Reform Review Group

MCA Multi-Criteria Analysis

NIMBY Not In My Back Yard

NNR National Nature Reserve

RESAS Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services

SAC Special Area of Conservation

SEPA Scottish Environment Protection Agency

SLR Standard Labour Requirement

SNH Scottish Natural Heritage

SPA Special Protection Area

SRDP Scotland Rural Development Programme

SSSI Sites of Special Scientific Interest

WWI First World War

WWII Second World War


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