Impact of diversity of ownership scale on social, economic and environmental outcomes

Report on the impact of diversity of ownership on the socioeconomic outcomes for rural areas.

List of Tables

Table 1 Reference to diversity of land ownership in key land reform documentation8

Table 2 Anonymised description of case study pairs17

Table 3 Land ownership trends during the last century21

Table 4 Outcomes Framework25

Table 5 Other Factors Framework28

Table 6 Direct CAP support and LFASS payments, 201443

Table 7 Average economic intensity of agricultural activity, 201443

Table 8 Council tax band of dwellings, 2011 and housing stock turnover, 2001 and 201152

Table 9 Agri-environment scheme claimants and payments, 2000-200658

Table 10 Proportion of case study covered by selected environmental designations, 201459

Table 11 Water bodies classified as less than good, 201559

Table 12 Total woodland area, and estimated recent woodland planting, 201460

Table 13 Key influencing factors in achieving local outcomes identified by case study participants using multi criteria analysis.61

Table 14 Factors influencing scale of land ownership89

Table 15 Drivers of economic change in case studies identified by fieldwork participants, 1910-201591

Table 16 Drivers of societal change in case studies identified by fieldwork participants, 1910-201594

Table 17 Drivers of environmental change in case studies identified by fieldwork participants, 1910-201598

Table 18 Agricultural Holding Size Distribution, 1982 to 2012 ( JAC)100

Table 19 Agricultural land ownership and use distribution, 1982 to 2012 ( JAC)101

Table 20 Proportion of holdings by land ownership and land use, 1982 to 2012 ( JAC)102

Table 21 Agricultural holding occupiers and workers, 1982 to 2012 ( JAC)103


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