Impact of diversity of ownership scale on social, economic and environmental outcomes

Report on the impact of diversity of ownership on the socioeconomic outcomes for rural areas.

Appendix 3 - Focus Group Schedule

Understanding economic, social and environmental changes in [case study parish] over the past 100 years
Focus group length: 2 hours.

NB. List of equipment/objectives can be found after the following table.

Time Duration Activity Steps
10.00 15 mins A: Orientation exercise A1: Registration and tea/coffee (hand out consent form, feedback form, list of 'ingredients' and MCA sheet)
A2: Add post-it notes of 'Top three changes in the parish in the last 50 years' to the wall
10.15 10 mins B: Project introduction B1: Short PowerPoint presentation - introduce project and focus group aims, introduce nine 'ingredients' for a healthy community (displayed on wall)
10.25 40 mins C: Timelines Q: What has happened in the parish?
C1: Present and explain the timeline - blank sheet with graphs from data dotted around as prompts - will talk through economic, social and environmental changes (5 mins)
C2: Facilitate discussion around the timeline - either facilitator adds post-it notes when suggestions are made, or participants welcome to add their own (35 mins)
11.05 15 mins D: Key changes Q: What were the most important changes?
D1: Identify and discuss the most important local changes that impacted on the nine ingredients for a healthy community (suggestions from the floor, listed on flip chart 15 mins)
11.15 10 mins Break
11.25 30 mins E: MCA exercise Q: What have been the impacts of these changes?
E1: Explain exercise - show on flip chart - participants fill in the five changes on their own sheet (10 mins)
E2: Participants work individually to show direction and strength of change (20 mins)
11.55 5 mins F: Closing F1: Final questions
F2: Outline of next steps and outputs (one slide max)
F3: Feedback forms

Exercise objectives

A: Orientation exercise Participants meet each other and begin to discuss key events that have happened in the parish.
B: Project introduction Participants understand aims of the project and see an overview of data collected for the parish, including key changes identified in interviews.
Present nine 'ingredients' for a healthy/thriving community and the wider factors which may have influenced the community (other factors framework).
C: Timelines Timeline to help participants identify events that influenced economic, environmental and social changes.
Capture discussion that relates to how events and changes have influenced the ingredients for a healthy community.
D: Key changes Discuss links between the changes which emerged from Exercise C.
Identify important events that have influenced the nine ingredients over time. Identify most significant local changes to be evaluated.
E: MCA exercise Understand how changes have influenced the nine 'ingredients'. Specific objectives: (i) evaluate relative influence of important changes on economic, social and environmental conditions (ingredients); (ii) assess how significant land ownership patterns have been relative to other events and changes; and (iii) record qualitative information as to why group/individuals evaluate impacts in the way they do.

Equipment required

A: Orientation exercise
Sign-up sheet

Large map of parish, large post-it notes, pens
B: Project introduction Laptop, projector and screen, presentation (max. 6 slides)
C: Timelines Timeline sheet

'Ingredients' to show on wall

Flip chart for facilitator to record discussion

Large post-it notes and pens
D: Key changes Flip chart paper and stand
E: MCA exercise Flip chart for demonstration

MCA exercise handouts

MCA matrix for wall
F: Closing Final outputs presentation (one slide max)

Feedback forms


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