Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on communities and priorities for recovery - research

Evidence from consultation based research about changes to organisations’ work during the pandemic and the impact of the pandemic on a range of themes including economic security, social interactions and loneliness, community cohesion, safety, trust in government, and skills, learning and development.

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There are a number of limitations associated with this research approach.

Firstly, given the research was conducted with organisations, this report does not present a complete or representative view of the lived experience of individuals in Scotland and qualitative research should not be used to form generalised impressions of the wider population. Few or no organisations provided information on their experiences of working with the LGBT+ community, people from ethnic minority backgrounds, refugees and asylum seekers, gypsies or travellers, and those from faith and belief groups. Further, because of the pandemic and the need for timely information without over-burdening organisations in important supportive roles, this research was brief, and it did not allow for follow up questions to clarify or probe for additional information from participants.

The research does however highlight the value and need for detailed participative research in communities to understand these issues further.



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