Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on communities and priorities for recovery - research

Evidence from consultation based research about changes to organisations’ work during the pandemic and the impact of the pandemic on a range of themes including economic security, social interactions and loneliness, community cohesion, safety, trust in government, and skills, learning and development.

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Research method and questions

Organisations who work with the Scottish Government on community, neighbourhood and social justice outcomes were invited to complete a short online consultation about the experiences of the people and communities they work with. This included a series of questions about how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted on the people they usually work with, in terms of their finances, personal relationships, safety, physical health, access to public services, and their general ability to cope (see Annex A for a list of questions). The research was conducted online on Citizen Space, a digital consultation platform, from Friday 15 May to Wednesday 27 May.

One hundred and twelve community-focused organisations were invited to participate and 62 responded. Respondent organisations work with a wide range of people: for example, children and young people, older people, those with disabilities, carers, homeless people, those living in poverty, and those with mental health problems (see Annex B for a list of participants). Around half of participants are national organisations and half are regional or local organisations.

The findings were analysed by social researchers in the COVID-19 Modelling and Analysis Hub to identify key themes and experiences.



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