Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact on communities and priorities for recovery - research

Evidence from consultation based research about changes to organisations’ work during the pandemic and the impact of the pandemic on a range of themes including economic security, social interactions and loneliness, community cohesion, safety, trust in government, and skills, learning and development.

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1. Published summaries of public attitudes polling are available for April ( and May (

2. Ipsos MORI, Wellbeing telephone survey May 2020



5. These six dimensions are explained in more detail in the 'Covid 19 Framework for Decision Making Report', available at:

6. See chapter 6: Economic Impacts,

7. Ipsos MORI 'wellbeing survey' carried out in May 2020.



10. The Scottish Household Survey uses the same question, but a different survey sampling method so comparisons should be interpreted cautiously.



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