Hunting with dogs: consultation analysis

Key themes to emerge from our consultation on the use of dogs to control foxes and other wild mammals in Scotland.

Annex 1: List of organisational respondents

The consultation received 48 organisational responses.

Animal welfare and rights organisations and groups (24)

  • Ananda Animal Sanctuary
  • Animal Aid
  • Animal Concern Ltd
  • Born Free Foundation
  • Cats Liberation
  • Conservatives Against Fox Hunting
  • Dartford Animal Rescue
  • Eyes on Animals
  • Four Paws UK
  • Foxhunting Evidence UK
  • Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation
  • Humberside Against Bloodsports
  • Keep The Ban
  • League Against Cruel Sports
  • One Voice for Animals UK
  • OneKind
  • PETA
  • Scottish Badgers
  • Scottish SPCA
  • Société Anti-Fourrure
  • Southend Animal Rights
  • UK Centre for Animal Law
  • West Yorkshire Hunt Saboteurs
  • Wild Animal Welfare Committee

Countryside management, sporting organisations and representative bodies (21)

  • Association of Deer Management Groups (ADMG)
  • The British Association for Shooting and Conservation
  • British Deer Society
  • British Moorlands Ltd
  • Campaign for Working Dogs
  • Duke of Buccleuch Hunt
  • Four Burrow Hunt
  • Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
  • Humane Wildlife Solutions
  • The Hunting Office
  • Kincardineshire Foxhounds
  • Lauderdale Hunt
  • Masters of Foxhounds Association (Scotland)
  • NFU Scotland
  • Scottish Association for Country Sports (SACS)
  • Scottish Countryside Alliance
  • Scottish Crofting Federation
  • Scottish Gamekeepers Association
  • Scottish Land & Estates
  • UK Deer Track & Recovery (UKDTR)
  • Veterinary Association for Wildlife Management

Other organisations (2)

  • Perth Green Party
  • Police Scotland Wildlife Crime Unit and Wildlife Crime Liaison Officers (joint response)
  • Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

Organisational campaign respondents

In addition, the following organisations – all sporting bodies – submitted Scottish Countryside Alliance campaign responses.

  • Airedale Beagles
  • Brighton Storrington Surrey & North Sussex Beagles
  • Derwent Hunt
  • Royal Agricultural College Beagles
  • Taw Vale Beagles



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