Housing to 2040: consultation on outline policy options

An open letter to stakeholders to support the Housing to 2040 consultation.

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1. 'Delivering for today, investing for tomorrow: the Government's programme for Scotland 2018-2019', September 2018 (page 98-99) /publications/delivering-today-investing-tomorrow-governments-programme-scotland-2018-19/

2. See Scotland's National Performance Framework.

3. The total capital budget is £5,106 million, including Financial Transaction Capital.

4. This means closer to £100 billion than either £10 billion or £1 trillion.

5. DEL only, i.e. excluding AME.

6. See the New Housing and Future Construction Skills Report, May 2019, and the Future Skills Action Plan, September 2019.

7. See the Scottish Government's Place Principle.


Email: Housing2040@gov.scot

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