Housing to 2040: consultation on outline policy options

An open letter to stakeholders to support the Housing to 2040 consultation.

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Annex A: How to Engage

Everything you need to know, including a copy of this letter, can be found at: www.gov.scot/publications/housing-2040/

Please consider using social media - twitter #housing2040 - to make a public contribution and encourage debate.

If you want to make a formal written submission, please respond to this consultation using the Scottish Government's consultation hub, Citizen Space. Further details can be found within Annex D – Responding to the Consultation.

The Scottish Government will be organising a series of engagement events, some of which will be open and some of which by invitation only, and details of these will be made available on our website.

As part of this engagement, a housing exhibition, Present Voices, Future Lives, has begun touring twelve locations across Scotland. Exhibition events have been running since 4 November and will conclude on 16 December. The exhibition is travelling to urban, rural and island locations in order to hear from local communities and young people across Scotland about what matters to them. It aims to convey some of the challenges and themes such as liveability, adaptability, and accessibility, as well as providing an opportunity to better understand people's lived experiences of housing and place.

The exhibition spends a full day in each of the locations, and involves daytime workshops with young people to explore how we want to live in future, followed by a curated evening exhibition. The evening exhibition is open to all and showcases the findings collected from the workshops during the day. You are most welcome to attend any of the upcoming evening exhibitions and there will be other opportunities to view the full exhibition during the consultation period. The full list of exhibition dates and venues is signposted on the Scottish Government website.

Please also consider arranging your own events and discussions and using these to shape your contribution. We have produced a step-by-step guide for running your own Housing to 2040 consultation event or workshop. If you would like to do this, please get in touch with the Housing to 2040 team as they may be able to offer further advice and assistance.

You can contact the Housing to 2040 team at: housing2040@gov.scot (but please note we may not be able to reply to each e-mail individually).


Email: Housing2040@gov.scot

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