Honouring the lived experience: Rape and Sexual Assault‎ Victims Taskforce option appraisal report

A report summarising the approach, methodology, findings and recommendations of the options appraisal exercise carried out in June 2018 as part of the Chief Medical Officer's Taskforce to Improve Services for Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault.

Appendix 5: Individual score sheet Service Configuration Models

Consider each essential factor in turn. Place an X in those 'option' boxes that you consider can deliver that factor. Repeat this process for each important factor and then for each desirable factor

Service Configuration Models

Model A

Model B

Model C

Model D

Status quo i.e. health board delivered services with limited regional collaboration

Health Board delivered services with enhanced / more-co-ordinated regional collaboration across Scotland

Regional service / centre of excellence

Centres of excellence with supported local services in [each] Health Board area

1. The optimum opportunity for service delivery within non-police setting

2. A safe place to be examined by specialist staff that meets the highest standards for the provision of forensic examination of victims of sexual crime.

3. Enables Multi-disciplinary working (NHS led)

4. A responsive, modern and respectful environment for services users

5. Will provide sufficient accommodation to meet the service specification

6. Optimum environment to deliver of the HIS Standards

7. Delivers person centred, safe and effective services 24/7 service

8. Access 24/7 service (even if virtual team available to support local remotes out of hours)

9. Greater flexibility for HBs to share resources and risk.

10. Greater flexibility for staff to work across geographical boundaries

11. Access to services 24/7 even if not in same place by same people.

12. End of two tier service - (replacement of existing SLA arrangements between boards and between boards and private sector (for out of hours services).

13. Access to a specialist workforce (gender of examiner)

14. Access to age appropriate services, with modern accommodation, properly specification of equipment, adequately trained support, victim treated with respect and dignity

15. More digitally enabled services

16. Access to Sexual Violence Advisors (Care Co-ordinators)

17. Access to Trauma, recovery services

Important - it is important the model provides:

1. Minimum impact of legal process (Disruption and ongoing knock on effects to victims)

2. An educational, teaching & learning environment

3. Enables Peer Support for staff

Desirable - It would be desirable if the model could provide:

1. Improved access to information within all public sector organisations

2. Opportunities for co-location with relevant services

3. Opportunity for further service development without the need for refer on or hand off to other agencies

[ ] Service User (Survivors)
[ ] Service users Representatives
[ ] Member of the public
[ ] Police Scotland
[ ] NHS staff (clinician)
[ ] NHS Scotland (National Board)
[ ] Social Work staff
[ ] Local voluntary organisation/Charity
[ ] Scottish Government
[ ] National voluntary organisation/Charity
Other (Please specify).....................................................................................................................



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