Honouring the lived experience: Rape and Sexual Assault‎ Victims Taskforce option appraisal report

A report summarising the approach, methodology, findings and recommendations of the options appraisal exercise carried out in June 2018 as part of the Chief Medical Officer's Taskforce to Improve Services for Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault.

11. Conclusions

The option appraisal methodology, the criteria and approach applied has proved to be robust and mitigated any form of bias or strategic scoring/voting. The scoring/voting analysis supports that participants have adhered to the request to make decisions based on the needs of people with lived experience and also to align scoring/voting to the needs of all service users (survivors/victims be they children, young people or adults across Scotland) in the preferred outcomes for service delivery options and service configuration models. The recommendations and outcomes of the process are true to the decision making tools applied.

Unequivocally there is recognition of the list of challenges of similar importance across the landscape of public sector corporate objectives and imperatives. However this programme of work as stated by the Chief Medical Officer has a sense of value like no other. We must do better to honour the lived experience of people who have experienced sexual assault and rape in Scotland and view this programme of work to have a worthiness and priority that requires immediate progress and a rigorous implementation plan and successful delivery over the coming 1-3-5 years.

It is worthy of note that complex programmes of work such as this require adequate resourcing such as programme direction and project management capability within a programme approach. A programme approach will provide specialist knowledge skills, apply innovation, shorten programme delivery and provide certainty of a change that is improvement based on the mandate and vision.

Report author: Kate Bell, Head of Service Change & Transformation, NHS Lanarkshire

Date completed: 08th August, 2018



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