Honouring the lived experience: Rape and Sexual Assault‎ Victims Taskforce option appraisal report

A report summarising the approach, methodology, findings and recommendations of the options appraisal exercise carried out in June 2018 as part of the Chief Medical Officer's Taskforce to Improve Services for Victims of Rape and Sexual Assault.

10. Evaluation

The option appraisal process has been set out with a structured and disciplined approach to ensure we capture and collect high quality information on the current service context and the findings of the communications and engagement process to date. Analyses of the data and information have enabled the SLWG to set out the challenges/expose issues or opportunities; and present informed options to stakeholders involved in supporting the service improvement process. This will ensure the Taskforce and Scottish Government is well placed to respond to the immediate, emergent and future challenges in the provision of services to people who have experience sexual assault & rape in Scotland.

The Option Appraisal event was attended by a total of 52 stakeholders including representation from the Scottish Government; NHS Clinicians, Managers and Staff, Health & Social Care Partnership; Police Scotland; Social Work; Forensic Services and Voluntary Organisations.

  • Of the 52 attendees 42 (81%) returned evaluation forms were received.
  • The venue for the event, the Deacon Suite, Royal College of Surgeons, Nicolson Street, Edinburgh, rated overall as a good/very good venue.
Venue Very Good Good Poor Very Poor
Location & Access 34 8 0 0
Refreshments 20 19 6 1
Acoustic (sound) 13 22 6 1
Comfort 18 23 1 0

10.1 Presentations

Participant feedback on the presentations was very positive with everyone (42) rating the content and quality as very good and good. The 'use of plain English' was rated as good and very good by all with the exception of one participant who rated it poor.

The explanation of technical terms was rated over all as very good and good 39 (92%) and 3 (8%) returns rating the use of technical language as poor.

In relation to the openness and responsiveness to answering ongoing questions as required by the attendees, returns rated the active engagement of participants through pre-reading material, clear presentations and breakdown of options and models and informed discussion throughout lead to respondents rating this aspect of the process as very good or good by all 42 (100%) respondents.

One return rated 'keeping to time' as poor with all others 41 (98%) returning a rating of good and very good.

10.2 Group Work

Feedback in relation to the group work sessions included positive 'yes' responses regarding being encouraged to take part (40) and being supported (39) and listened to (41) with (40) responding 'yes' to having had been able to ask questions, (36) said 'yes' to having had questioned answered with (38) returning that it had been okay to just listen.

There was a return of (41) saying 'yes' that the task of the group work had been clearly explained by the facilitator with (40) returning that the facilitator had kept the control of the group and (41) saying that the facilitator had kept to time.

The 'yes' score for the remainder of the questions have been listed below:

  • Use of plain English was encouraged (34)
  • Technical, scientific or medical terms were explained (34)
  • I enjoyed taking part (40)
  • Overall this was a good use of my time (40)

10.3 General Feedback

  • 33 people said they had received enough notice ahead of the event with 9 responding that they had not that they had not
  • 39 people said they had received an invite with three responding that they had not
  • 38 said they had been provided with enough information ahead of the event with 4 responding that they had not
  • 40 said that access to the venue had been easy with 2 saying that it had not
  • 4 said that they had been able to easily park at the venue,15 returned 'not applicable' with 23 giving no response
  • 31 said that they were welcomed at reception with 8 saying no, 3 gave no response
  • said they had been advised of the fire exit plan, 32 said they had not, 4 left it blank
  • 13 said that the location of the toilets had been clearly explained, 28 said it had not, 1 left blank

10.4 Comments regarding the venue and event overall:

"Far too much material in the packs on the table"

"Very good pack in advance. Insufficient info on Models of Delivery. Very important Option Appraisal."

"RCS late to tell of the event"

"More detailed information about proposed Model of Service Delivery for children and young people. - or at least how their very different need should be addressed to would have been really helpful."

"Make sure links to other Scottish Government work. Explore what has worked/hasn't or Archway journey. No detriment to existing Child Protection processes and consideration of this under role."

"Overall good; venue cold until late afternoon; refreshments poor; lunch disappointing."

"Very good event" "Good session; interesting discussion/debate, very engaging"

"I am left wondering about children and young people in this system. It felt very adult focussed."

"Speaker on podium difficult to hear"

"Did I have an invitation - no? But original planners and event heads all assumed I had - so just came anyway.

"I didn't get a chance to see you at the end to say well done. That was a very impressive feat pulling that off in such a short timescale. Thanks for all your help" Sandy Brindley, Rape Crisis Scotland.

"Thank you so much for all the immense input to make today the success it has been!" Professor Elizabeth Ireland

"I was very taken with your revised approach of 'locally delivered with regional expert support'. I think this will be best configured (certainly in the North) as a network approach. I left the session feeling very confident that we will, as Scotland, develop an appropriate, high quality model for this care". Adam Coldwells, Chief Officer, Aberdeenshire Health and Social Care Partnership

"Thank you to all of you for being here today and investing in a very crucial area of work for Scotland. This is a complex area and I am pleased to see a robust and rigorous process has been completed by all of you here. As we progress the implementation of this work you can all look back and say I played a part in making things better for people who experience sexual assault & rape"

Dr Catherine Calderwood, Chief Medical Officer



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