Highly Protected Marine Areas - policy framework and site selection guidelines: partial BRIA

The partial business and regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) presents an initial assessment of the potential costs, benefits and risks of introducing HPMAs and their potential impacts on public, private or third sectors.

5. Scottish Firms Impact Test

This legislation affects a number of marine sectors in Scotland which undertake several activities relating directly and indirectly to trade and investment. This includes commercial fisheries, ports and harbours, renewable energy, oil and gas, and recreation among others. However, the legislation also stipulates that existing infrastructure for a number of these sectors will not be affected by the legislation, for example in the case of ports and harbours, oil and gas, etc. as well as areas of national importance such as those earmarked for renewable developments such as ScotWind and INTOG areas and the areas of associated transmission infrastructure. New investment in some sectors, such as commercial fisheries, might be impacted by the legislation in terms of international trade and investment.

During the consultation period we will consult with relevant sectors and try to gather evidence and information on international trade activities that could be affected by the legislation. Always with the caveat that HPMA sites have not been selected yet.


Email: HPMA@gov.scot

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