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Costs of learning: student funding guide 2019 to 2020

Published: 16 Aug 2019

Funding guide for learners and students including those going to college or university.

Costs of learning: student funding guide 2019 to 2020
Quick Guide

Quick Guide

Figure 1.1 Quick guide

Type of funding or support Staying at school Full-time Part-time Distance learning Learning while you work Contracted training provision
Course fees
Tuition fees
Part-Time Fee Grant
SDS Individual Training Account
Living costs
Education Maintenance Allowances
Student loans
Nursing and Midwifery bursaries
HE Young Student Bursary
HE Independent Students Bursary
HE Care Experienced Students' Bursary
FE Maintenance Bursary
FE Care Experienced Students' Bursary
Travel costs
Study costs
Help for dependants
Adult Dependant's Grant
Child Tax Credit*
Lone Parent's Grant
Lone Parent's Childcare Grant
Childcare Funds
Other support
Disabled Student's Allowance
Additional Support Needs for Learning Allowance
Modern Apprenticeship
Training for Work **
Discretionary Funds
Care-experienced Accommodation Grant
Funding from Charities and Educational Trusts

* Not everyone can claim Child Tax Credit as this is gradually being replaced by Universal Credit

** Training for Work is available for those learning whilst out of work