Costs of learning: student funding guide 2019 to 2020

Funding guide for learners and students including those going to college or university.

Other sources of funding

Educational trusts and scholarships

If you are not eligible to receive support from public funds, you may find it useful to check the Directory of Grant Making Trusts (published by the Charities Aid Foundation), the Grants Register (published by MacMillan), or the Charities Digest (published by the Education Grants Advisory Service). You can usually find these in large public libraries. SAAS also maintains a Register of Educational Endowments which has information on various Scottish trusts. You can only get help from a trust if you meet its eligibility conditions. These vary from trust to trust, and only the trustees can decide if you are eligible. For instance, conditions can relate to:

  • where you live or where you were born;
  • what schools you went to;
  • your age;
  • the course you are taking; and
  • the college or university you go to.

You may also want to visit the website to look at the database of postgraduate scholarship awards that are offered by academic institutions, commercial organisations and charitable trusts.

Sponsorships and scholarships

Many industrial organisations and some government departments have schemes (usually competitive) to support students. You may be able to get details of these from your local Jobcentre Plus office.

If you get an income from a sponsorship, scholarship or from somewhere else to help you study this should not affect any other financial support you apply for.

Further information about other sources of funding is available on the SAAS website

Ministry of Defence service leavers

As part of a wider range of policies to assist service veterans and their families the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has developed a programme which meets the cost of tuition fees for study up to, and including, undergraduate degree level. This was introduced in academic year 2009-10.

Many Scottish service leavers will already qualify through standard Scottish Government Further and Higher Education funding arrangements to have the cost of their fees met. Some service leavers not covered by existing Scottish Government arrangements, for example, those undertaking part-time or studying elsewhere in the UK, may in some circumstances also qualify for fee support.

In Scotland, service leavers should identify themselves to the college or university and provide a registration certificate from the MOD proving eligibility for the scheme.

For any queries regarding the registration certificate please refer to the MOD or their services learning advisers i.e. Royal Navy, Air Force or Army education or learning advisers.



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