Global Connections Survey: guidance

Guidance for businesses on how to complete the Global Connections Survey.

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Who should complete the survey

We are interested in companies with economic activity in Scotland, regardless of the location of the headquarters.

The sales and export information provided should relate solely to the economic activity of the Scottish branches or operations of your company. If your company has multiple Scottish branches/operations then the information provided should relate to all those who report to you.

When completing question 2, if your company is based in Scotland or if the company is based elsewhere but has administrative offices with decision-making autonomy relating to the Scottish operations, then please tick the Scotland box. Otherwise, please tick ‘Other’ and specify where your company headquarters are based.

We are interested in all types of organisations including companies, businesses, firms, practices, partnerships, farms, small holdings etc. and all sizes of organisations including sole traders and smaller family run businesses.

Even if you do not export or have no international connections, this information is still valuable.

Companies that do not export

We recognise the unprecedented challenges facing businesses in the current climate. To make sure the results are accurate all types and sizes of organisation are included in the sample for this survey, including those businesses whose head offices are located outside Scotland. Even if you have no international exports, your response is still valuable to us.


If you have any queries relating to the survey or need any further support, please email us at or phone us on 0300 244 0330.

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