Gender pay gap action plan: annual report

This progress report provides an update on actions within the Fairer Scotland for Women: Gender Pay Gap Action Plan since publication in 2019. It also sets out our future priorities for continuing to advance work on this issue across Scottish Government as part of our economic recovery and renewal.

Introduction and Purpose

The purpose of this report is to provide an update on the actions set out in our A Fairer Scotland for Women, Gender Pay Gap Action Plan, published on International Women's Day in 8 March 2019. This plan forms part of a suite of action plans, developed by the Scottish Government to help focus policies and resources on achieving sustainable and inclusive growth and a wellbeing economy. This progress report is published alongside the Fair Work Action Plan progress report, and the second Fairer Scotland for Disabled People: Employment Action Plan progress report, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to fair and inclusive work and employability support. 

When we published the Action Plan in 2019, we also committed to publish annual updates reporting on progress. The first annual report of the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan was initially due to be published in March 2020, however due to the urgency in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, work around this was postponed. The annual report will therefore cover work undertaken to progress the actions from March 2019 when the report was published to early 2021.

This report takes the same form as the Gender Pay Gap Action Plan in that we will provide an update on action taken under each chapter heading detailing what we have done and what we will be taking forward. 

We also agreed to monitor progress by producing a set of key performance indicators that report on progress from 2019 as the benchmark, to date. The indicators document that accompanies this report is available here



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