Harmful sexual behaviour by children and young people: Expert Group report

This report sets out proposals from the Expert Group on Preventing Sexual Offending Involving Children and Young People to improve prevention and early intervention in response to harmful sexual behaviour involving children and young people.

Annex J: Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation (FRAME) and Care and Risk Management (CARM)

The Framework for Risk Assessment, Management and Evaluation for children and young people under 18 (FRAME) was initially published in 2011 and subsequently revised to include guidance on Care and Risk Management (CARM) planning for children and young people who present a risk of serious harm (Scottish Government, 2014). The purpose of FRAME is to bring consistency, evidence-informed practice and proportionality to the way in which agencies assess, manage and evaluate the risk presented by offending behaviour.

CARM procedures were introduced to support local authorities and partners to manage the risk that some children and young people present which varies from risk management procedures designed for adults. CARM outlines these fundamental differences in legislation, policy and practice as it relates to each of the 5 FRAME[183] standards for adults, taking into account a tiered and proportionate approach to the level of risk.


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