HES Homecare pilot: evaluation

The aim of the Home Energy Scotland (HES) Homecare pilot was to test the Energycarer approach to tackling rural fuel poverty.

Appendix 3: interview schedule

Schedule used for semi-structured interviews. Questions in itallics were asked to HES Homecare coordinator only. These were removed for Energycarer interviews due to time considerations.

HES Homecare interview schedule 24.10.2018



  • Trying to understand the HES Homecare pilot, and provide report to Scottish Government
  • Would like to include perspectives of those that have been involved in delivering it

The interview

  • Approx. 1.5 hours
  • Informal conversation - question sheet as guide
  • Recorded; confidential, securely stored; anonymised outputs

Any questions?

Introductions and initiating the pilot

Could you introduce yourself and explain your role?

How did the HES Homecare pilot first come about?
When was this?
How does this fit with other work that HES are involved in?
How was the budget agreed and organised?

What were the initial ambitions of the pilot?

What service would people receive?
How many people would receive it?
How would it be delivered? How long would it run for?

Delivering the pilot

How was the pilot delivered?
Management, Advisory Group
Recruitment of Energycarers

What partnerships/collaborative working took place? How did these partnerships/ collaborations work?
Health, Housing and Social Care sectors
Care and Repair

Who received the HES Homecare service?
Could you describe the types of people?
How did you select these people?
In-home survey
How many people received the service?

What support did these people receive?
Referral/ survey/in-home advice/ tariff switching?
How was appropriate type/ level of support identified?

How have you found delivering the pilot?
What has worked well?
What has been challenging?

Evaluating the pilot

What evaluation activities have been carried out?

Who took part in the evaluation activities? (surveys, monitoring, case studies)
What were the reasons for selecting these people?
How were treatment and control groups established?

Did the people receiving HES Homecare advice change the things that they were doing in the home?
Use of heating
Interacting differently with clothing, blankets etc.
Cooking practices

What changes in the physical condition of the property were reported/ measured/ monitored?
Temperature of the property & duration of that temperature
Relative humidity
Levels of fuel debt reduction
Changes in metered fuel consumption
Affordable expenditure levels

What do you think have been the main strengths of the pilot?
Have participants reported being warmer?
Reductions in medical/care costs? Access to heating and insulation programmes?
Feasible to monitor these things within the pilot?

What do you think have been the main challenges of the pilot?

The benefits of the pilot

What are the benefits of a scheme like HES Homecare?

Have participants talked about benefits to being part of the scheme?

Next steps and wider thoughts

What would you would have done differently if the funding/ pilot timeframe had allowed?


From your perspective, what are the next steps for HES Homecare?
What would you like to see happen?

What changes might Scottish Government make for the success of a programme like this?

Do you have anything you would like to add, or any questions or comments for me?



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