HES Homecare pilot: evaluation

The aim of the Home Energy Scotland (HES) Homecare pilot was to test the Energycarer approach to tackling rural fuel poverty.

1. The purpose of this report

A 2016 report of the Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force (SRFPTF)[1] recommended that an additional form of support should be provided to help those living in rural areas out of fuel poverty. The suggestion was that this should be based on intensive, client-centred and in-home support and tailored measures. This report evaluates a pilot designed to explore how this approach might be delivered through the Home Energy Scotland (HES) network.

Section 2 provides further details on the HES Homecare pilot, Section 3 details the methods that have been used to evaluate the pilot and Section 4 presents the results. Section 5 concludes the report and offers a series of recommendations for taking forward a scheme of this type.



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