Best Start Foods - evaluation: annex B - qualitative research

Qualitative research supporting the findings from the evaluation of Best Start Foods.

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1. Free school meals. 90,000 children to benefit.

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7. For the previous Healthy Start Vouchers scheme retailers opted in to participate. For BSFs, there is a list of merchant codes for retailers and it is this code that determines whether the BSFs card can be used in a shop of a particular retailer.

8. For recipients of Universal Credit, income from employment cannot exceed £660 a month. For recipients of Child Tax Credit and Working Tax Credit, relevant income cannot exceed £7,920 a year. For recipients of Child Tax Credit who do not receive Working Tax Credit, relevant income cannot exceed £17,005 a year. For Housing Benefit recipients, weekly income cannot exceed £328.

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12. Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Dundee City, East Ayrshire, Edinburgh City, Falkirk, Fife, Glasgow City, Highland, Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire, Perth & Kinross, Renfrewshire, South Ayrshire, South Lanarkshire and Stirling.

13. There are two types of application forms: a joint application for Best Start Foods and Best Start Grant and a separate joint application for Best Start Grant, Best Start Foods and the Scottish Child Payment.

14. Scottish HSVs recipients were invited to re-apply for BSFs during a migration period between August and December 2019.

15. The higher payment for a child up to the age of 1 was intended to also support breastfeeding mothers but no participants mentioned this.

16. Aldi, Asda, Co-op, Farmfoods, Iceland, Lidl, McColl's, Morrisons, Nisa, Premier, Sainsbury's, Scot Fresh, Spar, Tesco, local shops (including corner shops, African shops)

17. It was not clear from the interview whether the client tried using the BSFs card in a Payzone shop or at a Payzone terminal. Regardless, the issue of not being able to use the card resulted in the client only shopping in PayPoint shops where they had successful had the card accepted.

18. It is important to note that translation services and the use of interpreters are available through Social Security Scotland though clients participating in the research were unaware that these services were available.

19. And certain eligible two-year olds

20. Scottish Government (2018) A healthier future: Scotland's diet and healthy weight delivery plan.



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