Estimated and projected diagnosis rates for dementia in Scotland 2014-2020

A first report into estimated and projected dementia diagnosis rates in Scotland from 2014 to 2020, based on data from health boards in Scotland.

6. Future Explorations

Suggestions for how the methodology could be developed in the future as well as recommendations for further potential analyses are detailed below:-

1. For any future reruns of calculating incidence, reconsider other data sources for any new developments. For example, utilising Primary Care ( SPIRE) data in future if the data source were developed to include data at an individual level.

2. Trend analysis of incidence could provide powerful insight, and therefore rerunning incidence calculations may be recommended.

3. Consider acquiring more real local data from other Health Boards to improve accuracy of rates within their respective sites.

4. Mapping patient pathways to better understand the flow of individuals within and across services.

5. Given individuals will inevitably die over the coming years, modelling prevalence rates should be considered.


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