Estimated and projected diagnosis rates for dementia in Scotland 2014-2020

A first report into estimated and projected dementia diagnosis rates in Scotland from 2014 to 2020, based on data from health boards in Scotland.

3. New Methodology

The most significant difference between what had been done previously and the agreed new methodology was the utilisation of real data held within Scotland's health service. This approach was preferred as it was more likely to give an accurate reflection of Scottish rates without relying on estimates calculated from data gathered in other nations.

The main steps of this methodology are discussed fully within their own respective sections throughout the report, however to summarise they were to:-

  • Consider available data sources and agree final list for data collection
  • Calculate new estimated diagnosis rates for dementia in Scotland using real Scottish health data
  • Report on and present the new results with consideration to any developments that may strengthen the methodology in future
  • Consider any future analysis that may be of interest from the provided conclusions.


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