Coronavirus (COVID-19): impact of school building closures - equity audit

The report includes a synthesis of key local, national and international literature, supplemented with local evidence gathered from 54 schools across Scotland. The findings help deepen our understanding of the impact the pandemic has had on children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

A Young Person’s Perspective

During a children and young people’s focus group, a child read a poem she had written. Schoolgirl, Imogen, an 11 year old from Dumfries and Galloway, reveals how she feels about the pandemic and how she can’t wait for life to get back to normal.

The Day That Changed the World

It was the last day of school and everyone was sad.
What a slow day it was but it wasn’t that bad.
It was time to leave and our home schooling had to start.
We couldn’t go out to play or visit family, we all have to stay apart.
With only one walk a day and not to travel in nana’s car.
With only food shops open but we aren’t allowed to come.
So we must stay at home with our lovely mum.

This nasty virus in our way, People going to hospital every day.
People are dying, And if I said I wasn’t scared, I would be lying.
NHS go out their way being heroes and saving the day.

Supermarket staff working very fast, Hoping the stock will last, But the shelves are getting bare, No toilet rolls there.
The lorry drivers drive away, Fetching all the supplies we need to Survive the day.

Soon these days will pass.
And I will be a very happy wee lass!
Out to play, our loved ones there, we will Hug them tight, Mum might even go out for the night!
Everything will be alright but never will we Forget.



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