Equally Well: Report of the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities

This is the report of the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities


We are delighted to present the report of the Minsterial Task Force on health inequalities, which is ambitious in scope and based on the principle of opportunity for all. Recommendations are based on the latest international evidence and will put Scotland in the vanguard of countries grappling with these difficult issues. Scotland does face huge challenges, but these can be overcome if we work together.

The Task Force has taken on board the new approach of the Scottish Government to developing policy, which is to unite Ministerial portfolios to address the underlying causes of health inequalities. The Task Force also reflects well on the new relationship between the Scottish Government and local government: COSLA has been fully involved in the development of the report and had given its full commitment to delivering on this agenda.

The report brings together thinking on poverty, lack of employment, children's lives and support for families and physical and social environments, as well as on health and wellbeing. It makes clear that we will not only respond to the consequences of health inequalities, but also tackle its causes. The Task Force recognises that success will be a long-term achievement but that short-term gains can still be made.

Delivering on the Task Force's recommendations will depend on strong joint working between the NHS, local government, the Third Sector and others within community planning partnerships. It is vital that we harness the power and expertise of those delivering services to our most vulnerable citizens.

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Shona Robison MSP
Minister for Public Health

Councillor Ronnie McColl
COSLA spokesperson on Health and Wellbeing

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