Equally Well: Report of the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities

This is the report of the Ministerial Task Force on Health Inequalities


The Task Force has recommended a broad spread of action, spanning both central and local responsibilities, with short, medium and long-term targets for progress and success. The Task Force itself has worked in a new, creative and invigorating way to agree jointly its plans for real transformational change. The Task Force anticipates that the Government will accept and implement its recommendations. We have already recommended an implementation plan, giving more detail about who will take action forward, both nationally and locally.

We would like to see progress being reviewed and reported formally. While the Task Force itself was designed as a short life group and has completed this phase of its work, we are keen that its members continue to be involved in delivering change across sectors. The Task Force therefore recommends:

78. The Government should review progress in implementing the Task Force's recommendations and publish a report, including any further action required, by summer 2010. As a first step in reviewing progress towards long-term shifts in outcomes, the Task Force should be reconvened to sign off the review of progress.

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