Equally safe - challenging men's demand for prostitution: Scottish Government response

Our response to the findings of a public consultation seeking views on how best to challenge men’s demand for prostitution in Scotland, reducing the harms associated with prostitution and supporting women involved to exit.


This response has outlined the next steps which will be taken forward following on from the consultative process undertaken last year. The consultation was an important first step in our national conversation about the approach to tackling prostitution within the context of how women and girls should be viewed in an equal society. The findings from the consultation will help shape our plans for a model for Scotland to tackle prostitution and will supplement our consideration of how aspects of international approaches which seek to challenge men's demand for prostitution would best be applied in Scotland. Consideration of this issue will be further enhanced by our commitment to engage with those with lived experience to help inform the design of services to best support women involved in prostitution. We want to ensure our policies work for those involved in prostitution. Through capturing the voices of those with direct experience we can design future policies which fully support and protect women and girls.

Scottish Government
June 2021


Email: vawgconsultations@gov.scot

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