Empowering teachers, parents and communities to achieve excellence and equity in education: governance review

Consultation on how the education sector is run, who should take decisions on the education of children and young people and how funding can be made fairer.

9. Summary of questions

Question 1

What are the strengths of the current governance arrangements of Scottish education?

Question 2

What are the barriers within the current governance arrangements to achieving the vision of excellence and equity for all?

Question 3

Should the above key principles underpin our approach to reform? Are there other principles which should be applied?

Question 4

What changes to governance arrangements are required to support decisions about children's learning and school life being taken at school level?

Question 5

What services and support should be delivered by schools? What responsibilities should be devolved to teachers and headteachers to enable this? You may wish to provide examples of decisions currently taken by teachers or headteachers and decisions which cannot currently be made at school level.

Question 6

How can children, parents, communities, employers, colleges, universities and others play a stronger role in school life? What actions should be taken to support this?

Question 7

How can the governance arrangements support more community-led early learning and childcare provision particularly in remote and rural areas?

Question 8

How can effective collaboration amongst teachers and practitioners be further encouraged and incentivised?

Question 9

What services and support functions could be provided more effectively through clusters of schools working together with partners?

Question 10

What services or functions are best delivered at a regional level? This may include functions or services currently delivered at a local or a national level.

Question 11

What factors should be considered when establishing new educational regions?

Question 12

What services or support functions should be delivered at a national level?

Question 13

How should governance support teacher education and professional learning in order to build the professional capacity we need?

Question 14

Should the funding formula for schools be guided by the principles that it should support excellence and equity, be fair, simple, transparent, predictable and deliver value for money? Should other principles be used to inform the design of the formula?

Question 15

What further controls over funding should be devolved to school level?

Question 16

How could the accountability arrangements for education be improved?

Question 17

Is there anything else you would like to add regarding the governance of education in Scotland?


Email: Tracey McRae, tracey.mcrae@gov.scot

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