Emergency Budget Review: 2022 to 2023

The outcome of the Emergency Budget Review 2022 to 2023.

Annex A: EBR Adjustments – November

Resource Reprioritisation within Health and Social Care portfolio:

Portfolio by Budget Line



Health and Social Care



A range of actions relating to Covid expenditure on vaccinations, test and protect, PPE and additional capacity to drive down additional costs.

Social Care and National Care Service (NCS) re-profiling


Continuing to progress the commitment to fair work and adult social care, with a one-off saving released this financial year as we work with stakeholders on delivery mechanisms for future years. Re-phasing of NCS development from the Financial Memorandum based on recruitment profile and data and digital investment.

Primary Care


This has been achieved by a reduction in the planned growth rate for the Primary Care Improvement Fund, including a one-off utilisation of reserve funding held by integration authorities. In addition, it includes re-phasing of some elements of the planned enhancements to community optometry and audiology services.

Re-phasing and pausing of other programmes


Includes Scottish Trauma Network, Genomics programmes and improvement programmes on older people, clinical audit and education and development.

Mental Health


This has included continuing to support overall increases to mental health spending as well as delivery of dementia, learning disability and autism services, and cross-cutting trauma work at level of last year's spend. Within the revised budget we will seek to focus on progressing existing commitments including clearing CAMHS and psychological therapies waiting times backlogs.

SG Staff Reductions and other central savings


Includes vacancy freezes and tightening of recruitment controls at a central level. This does not apply to NHS staff.



Reprioritising of work across projects such as Digital prescribing and Microsoft Office updates.

Population Health


Re-phasing of commitment to double investment in sport, reprioritisation of health improvement spending.



Resource Savings Across Portfolios

Portfolio by Budget Line



Education and Skills


Further Education


Reduction in grant spend for international Higher Education.

Raising Attainment


Re-profiling of expenditure across financial years of the youth work fund and reduction in marketing expenditure.

Finance and Economy


Economic Development


Reduction in grant expenditure and demand led funding.

Tourism Special Projects


The Covid recovery plan recommended the continuation of the Tourism Recovery Programme (TRP), which was funded from consequentials in 2021-22. As no new funding was secured to support this, a reduced TRP was developed, based on £1.5m funding available within Tourism Special Projects. The reduced TRP programme contained 2 elements, support for Destination Net Zero, and a campaign to promote tourism and hospitality as a career choice. These elements will no longer be delivered as planned.

Justice and Veterans


Safer Communities


Projected saving on the Scottish Government contribution towards the UK-wide ESMCP programme and resource/capital switch.

Justice Demand Led Budgets


Reduction in spend based on lower than initially anticipated requirement for demand led services within the Justice system as it continues to recover from backlogs. Does not impact on service availability or delivery.

Net Zero Energy and Transport




Re-profiling of expenditure on ENFOR projects to reflect capacity to deliver before the end of the financial year.

Social Justice Housing and Local Government


Social Security


Reduced expenditure in Social Security Scotland operational costs.



Re-phasing of expenditure on child poverty as actual delivery costs emerge. This is due to programmes with partners developing at a pace that requires less funding than anticipated. This re-profiling of expenditure will be spent in future financial years to achieve child poverty targets.



Capital & Financial Transactions Savings:

Portfolio by Budget Line



Education and Skills


Education capital projects


Includes £30m for reduction in spend due to construction delays in further education projects, and £10m reduced current year expenditure on digital devices, due to a requirement for more detailed scoping of the project in order to support successful delivery, with capital funding now expected to be utilised later in the project.

Finance and Economy


Digital capital projects


In consultation with our Reaching 100 (R100) delivery partner, agreement was made to re-baseline the R100 programme plans. This resulted in an overall increase in R100 contract investment, and a reduction in funding required in respect of the digital connectivity R100 programme in this financial year.

Planning capital projects


Re-profiling of spend across financial years on digital planning projects.

Economic Development capital and financial transaction projects


£10m re-profiling of expenditure in City Deals programme into future financial years and £4m on reduction in expenditure within South of Scotland Enterprise on loans/equity investment in business.

Net Zero Energy and Transport


Energy capital projects


£5m of savings have arisen as a result of delays in progressing procurement and due diligence in energy investment programmes (including Hydrogen projects) as well £10m of funding that was allocated to Carbon Capture Usage and Storage (CCUS) deployment, but has been delayed due to the lack of market certainty following the UK Government decision on CCUS Cluster sequencing.

Future Transport Fund and support for active travel


Reduction in expenditure this financial year on Low Carbon funds including Green Bus Fund and Zero Emission Bus funding due to capacity for uptake in grant funding from recipients caused by number of buses that can be converted (i.e. out of action) at any one time (funding will be re-profiled into future financial years), and on support for active travel due to review of non-committed spend to support the EBR process.

Roads and Taxis capital projects


Includes changing programmes to reflect challenges on delivery in the current climate and £1.5m of reductions in Low Emission Zone taxi improvements due to lower uptake of grant funding caused by lower taxi driver numbers.

Rail capital projects


In-year spend reduction due to slower delivery of projects reported by Network Rail.

Scottish Canals capital projects


Saving as a result of pausing non-essential maintenance and works this financial year to support the Emergency Budget Review.

Forestry capital projects


Reduction in Woodland Grants expenditure based on current level of applications and grants awarded.

Rural Affairs and Islands




Revised forecast of spend on agri-environmental measures due to lower than expected number of applications to be progressed in-year, with applications impacted by on-going worldwide supply chain issues.

Marine Scotland Projects


Arisen partly due to slippage on a range of science and marine related projects because of inflationary and supply chain factors impacting on procurement and delivery timelines. In addition, IT project spend has been paused subject to the findings of an IT review linked to the ongoing transformation activities.

European Maritime Fisheries Fund


The European Maritime Fisheries Fund programme was fully committed prior to closing on 31 December 2020 but due to the impact of Covid and supply chain issues on claimants the activities underpinning the awards have not been delivered within the specified timeframe which is resulting in a reduced spend this financial year.

Social Justice Housing and Local Government


Housing capital projects


£6m of reduced expenditure in Buildings Standards projects this financial year due to prioritisation of assessment in advance of remediation (which lowers costs in the first instance), and £4m reduced expenditure in More Homes due to global supply chain issues causing delays to the pace of new build delivery.



Additional Income:

Portfolio by Budget Line



Finance and Economy


Capital and Financial Transactions


Repayments on regeneration investments (SPRUCE).

Social Justice Housing and Local Government


Capital and Financial Transactions


Increased income from receipts from sales of shared equity properties.




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