Fishing vessels - economic link: island communities impact assessment (ICIA)

An island communities impact assessment (ICIA) of changes to Scottish economic link licence conditions contained in Scottish fishing vessels.


1 Pelagic fleet means vessels in membership of a sectoral group which predominately catch pelagic stocks.

2 Sectoral vessels are vessels in membership of Producer Organisation or Quota Management Group. These bodies are given quota management responsibility for the vessels they administer, including the capacity to give vessels individual catch allocations.

3 Marine and fisheries grants - (

4 Supporting documents - A Blue Economy Vision for Scotland - (

5 Recovery Plan | Scotland Food and Drink

6 Producer Organisations are officially recognised bodies set up at the initiative of fishery (or aquaculture) producers. They play an essential role in reducing the fragmentation of the fisheries sector, collectively managing the activities of their members, promoting sustainable fishing, and matching supplies with market demands

7 Welcome to Seafood Scotland | Business Development Service in Scotland

8 Consultation on a proposal to amend the economic link licence condition - Scottish Government - Citizen Space

9 “Leasing” or “swapping” quota is where fishers engage with holders of sea fish quota to obtain that fishing opportunity. There is usually a cost in conducting such exchanges either financially or in alternative fishing opportunity.

10 There were no landings registered to the rest of the UK ports (rUK) between 2015-2019

11 Fraserburgh and Peterhead figures have been combined to protect business confidentiality.

12 It is important to note that species such as scallops, brown crab and lobsters are not covered by TACs.



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