National Care Service - keeping care support local part 2 – community health care: regional forums - easy read findings summary

In summer 2023, we held events across Scotland as part of our work to co-design the National Care Service (NCS). The events covered different themes. This easy read report contains feedback on the Keeping care support local part 2 - community health care theme.

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Next steps

What’s next for Keeping Care Support Local Part 2 – Community Health Care

We will keep working with people and organisations. We will plan together so that community health and social care work better together.

We will put together new information about what community health means to people. This will be based on what people told us.

We will test it again with people who give and access services. We will then publish the new information on the Scottish Government website.

What is next for the National Care Service

The Scottish Government wants the National Care Service by 2026. We are now working to improve the social care system.

Events will help us to make the National Care System, its policies, and the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill better.

A Bill is a proposed law that needs to be passed by the Parliament before it could become a law. The Scottish Parliament will vote on the National Care Service (Scotland) Bill in January 2024.

Over the next 18 months we will continue designing the National Care Service.

We will involve people who have accessed social care support. We will also involve groups of people whose voices currently are not being heard.

We will keep improving the social care sector for the already existing staff and to make it a good profession to work for.

Getting involved

We want to hear from you to as we develop the new National Care Service. If you would like to share your experiences you can join our Lived Experience Expert Panel.

If you join the panel, you will be invited to take part in different things like:

  • surveys
  • interviews
  • discussions

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