National Care Service - keeping care support local part 2 – community health care: regional forums - easy read findings summary

In summer 2023, we held events across Scotland as part of our work to co-design the National Care Service (NCS). The events covered different themes. This easy read report contains feedback on the Keeping care support local part 2 - community health care theme.

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Culture and the need for things to keep getting better were discussed at all events. People talked about what is working well and what could be better. These included:


Services need to get better at speaking to each other. Staff need to know what services are available in an area and what they do.

Working together

People said it was difficult working across different systems of health and social care. This has an impact on the services people get. This was very important in children’s services.

People said that different teams work better together if they are all based in the same place.

People thought it was important to have shared values. This is important if different teams have different staff.

People said we need to understand how the NHS, voluntary and independent organisations work together. These links are an important part of care services.

Person centred care

People said it was very important to have a culture of person-centred care.

People said it was important to get care and support as early as possible.

Some people felt that support and services only happen when people are in a crisis.

They should get help before things get that bad.

Healthcare staff and unpaid carers said advocacy was an important part of person-centred care. Advocacy can help to make the person’s care a more enjoyable experience.

Transitions between children’s and adult services:

When a person moves services, like from child to adult care, we call this a transition.

People talked about the good work transition teams do. They need to work with different services to make personal care plans.

It is important for parents and the people needing care to be involved in making these plans.

Service users and people who support them need good information and support. This helps them understand the differences between adult and children’s services.

Some people thought the age for starting adult services needs to be flexible. Transitions needed to be planned early and happen when it suits the person getting care.



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