Early learning and childcare: statutory guidance - July 2021

Statutory guidance to education authorities to support them in exercising their functions in relation to the delivery of early learning and childcare from 1 August 2021.

How to use this guidance

25. This statutory guidance is issued to education authorities who are required to have regard to it when carrying out their statutory functions in relation to securing the funded early learning and childcare entitlement for eligible children in their area. It is also intended to assist all those involved in the implementation and delivery of early learning and childcare, including providers in the private, third and childminding sectors, community planning partners, and agencies across all sectors which support the early learning and childcare sector.

26. This guidance will also be of interest to parents, local communities, and anyone with an interest in how education authorities consult on and deliver early learning and childcare. Further information is available for parents on their local authority's website, through the Scottish Government, Education Scotland, and Parent Club.

27. The structure of the guidance broadly follows the order of the provisions under Part 6 of the 2014 Act.


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